British Flower Week at Shilstone

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British Flower Week at Shilstone

This week hosts British Flowers Week, the national celebration of seasonal, locally-grown British summer flowers and foliage. There are various flower choices available during the summer months for brides to choose for their bouquets, buttonholes, table arrangement and many more floral displays.

Here are a few of our seasonal British summer flower favourites that we look forward to returning every year in our gardens here at Shilstone.


The peony is the most magnificent and luxurious of our British summer flowers. Pure beauty, either on our kitchen table or in a beautiful border, the sun springing them wide open. They look just as impressive when presented as a single precious stem in a bottle, or gathered into a jug accompanied by other flowers. With their many frothing ballerina skirts, large round shape and beautiful colours.


Delphiniums are impressively tall and slender of flowers, which come in the most beautiful shades of purple, pink, blue and white. Using the full height of delphiniums can give you some nice depth to large urn displays or living aisle.  They can also be cut down to use in voluptuous jug arrangements.

English Garden Rose

The English Garden Rose is very different from the imported, straight stemmed varieties that are available all year round. Unlike the commercial roses, the Garden Rose is delicate, stunningly fragranced and blowsy. We love summer mornings when we can first smell their heady scent breezing in from the garden. They add the most incredible freedom to an arrangement as their stems are far more fluid creating a true display of natural beauty.

Sweet Peas 

Sweet Peas or Lathyrus odoratus, which means ‘fragrant pea’, are perhaps the most delicate looking of all the British summer flowers. We love seeing them used in bridal bouquets on their own or grouped with other beautiful British flowers. Sweet peas look just as magnificent in the garden. Twisted around a wigwam, they create a dizzying rustic column of scent and beauty, a true English garden classic.

Photo Source – Shilstone House 


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