Wedding Table Name Ideas

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Wedding Table Name Ideas

We’ve seen a variety of table numbers from gold glittery lettering to wooden cutouts, add a more personal touch to your wedding day through the Table Names. It’s all about bringing your personality into as many elements of your wedding day as possible, and the table names give you the perfect opportunity. Having a table name instead of just a number allows you to bring in some romantic touches to the wedding table after all your guests are spending a significant amount of time around the table. We’ve put together a list of some suggested table name ideas to help start you figuring out what to call those all important wedding breakfast tables.

Table names are a fun way to tell people your love story.
1. Countries or Cities, where you’ve travelled to together as a couple, lived or visited on holiday.
2. Significant dates – dates and years from your time together.
3. Timeline of Photographs – Photos from your lives before and after you met, from babies to present day, are guaranteed laughter from your guests.

Many of us have our favourite books which have a meaning to us, using books as table names couldn’t be easier.
4. Favourite books like childhood stories or classic tales like Peter Rabbit books are super cute.
5. Love stories would be perfect, seeing as it’s the most romantic day of your life.
6. Lines of poetry, famous or more obscure, touching lines are a lovely way to share your passion for literature.

Many couples have favourite bands, albums, and songs that have special significance in their relationship. Music references are popular for table names.
7. Song’s that mean something to you, or a simple option is to have titles of romantic love songs to tie in with your most romantic day.

Table names that are a little different, cool and quirky.
8. For all garden enthused couples, use herb table names to create a beautiful eco-luxe feel to your day.
9. Favourite flowers or tree’s that you both love can create a very countryside feel.
10. Using different colours or shades is simple, but effective and gives you endless options for table names.
11. For something offbeat, Action Heroes from both childhoods and more recent films used with for a bit of humour.
12. Your favourite TV programme could be an easy way to name the tables without compromising too much.
13. Numbers are the easiest way to give a title to your tables, and there are loads of different ways of creating funky table numbers.

When it comes to choosing table names, stay true to you as a couple. Choose something that reflects what you enjoy as a couple. The list is just a starting point, think outside the box when it comes to table names. When planning the table names remember that the table plan will be part of the look too.

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